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Birthday Present

Well, my big birthday present actually materialized today, so I guess I have to finally draw this year’s festivities to a close–I managed to stretch it out pretty well, but didn’t quite make it to a week. And what was that “big present” you may be asking–well, it’s the result of a collaboration between Dr. Wife and my best pal.… Read more →

Attn: Roach

For inside joke comedy reasons, I really want to bottle some beer (although I have no idea how to brew–as with fiction and music, I’m really excellent on audience, but not much on creator) just so I can label them something like this: Yeah, OK, I was just playing around with an online label designer from an Australian u-brew joint…… Read more →

The end of an era

So, last night was likely my last time as a regular attendee of the Halifax Gentlemen’s Poker Association’s weekly meetings. Since I’ve been pretty consistent about attending these for several years now–I think the first one I went to was just before Sarah was born, as I recall making jokes about having to leave suddenly to rush to the hospital,… Read more →

First Time At A Wedding

In lieu of actual content, allow me to present my favourite of a whole pile of photographs of Sarah taken a couple of weekends ago at the wedding of one of my friends. It was Sarah’s first wedding. I note that the photo was taken by a member of the police force, on a camera normally used for crime scene… Read more →

Now Magazine vs The Adapters

I’ve been following the video posts from the shooting of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, the movie that’s being adapted from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series of Scott Pilgrim comics. Partly this is because I dig the comics, and it seems like the filmmakers are having a wonderful time adapting them, and partly it’s because Mal used to live here in… Read more →


So, it seems Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Jane Yolen (it might be more than 5 now–I don’t keep track) is doing a YA graphic novel with comics publisher Dark Horse. I think this will be her 10,576th (this is a rough figure) published work. And it’s certainly something I’ll be picking up and reading with my daughter.

Artist & Savvy Businessman

As I write this I’m downloading five new tracks by my oft-mentioned-here pal Danny Michel. It appears that just before Christmas Danny made a deal to get digital rights to his back catalogue back from the label in exchange for giving them the rights to retail physical copies of his new indie CD. At least that’s what I get out… Read more →

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a good holiday, get to spend some time with your loved ones, to look back on the good parts of the year that’s ending, and find yourself filled with pleasant hopes for the one about to unfold. (I’ll go back to cynical and grumpy in a day or two, don’t worry.) Read more →

Indie Artist, multiple media

My pal Danny Michel just whipped up a homemade video for the track “Tell Sally” from his latest album. Check it out. Apparently the budget for making this video was… $9.00. I love living in the age of digital media. Speaking of making art with digital toys, Danny has also made the all the raw tracks from his latest album… Read more →

Under The Covers, Up On Youtube

Remember back in May 2007 when I mentioned my pal, musical genius Danny Michel was planning to co-host a radio show for the CBC with his pal Emm Gryner? (If you don’t remember, click back and refresh your memory) Well the pilot for that program aired quite a while ago, but it did get picked up, and Danny and Emm… Read more →

Learning Google Gadgets

I decided tonight to learn how to write a Google gadget. I figured something simple, like a configurable RSS feed reader (with a little shiny chrome) would probably be enough to learn the skeleton of what I would need to know. So I whipped up a gadget for the Shadow Unit feed, since I’m still chewing over the first episode… Read more →

I mean it: Go read this.

You may recall my mention earlier of how excited I was at the announcement of Shadow Unit? Well, the “first episode” is now live on the site, and I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to go and check it out. If you’re a book person, think of this as a free new Emma Bull story for you to… Read more →

I’m Excited: Shadow Unit

Well, this is certainly the best “online entertainment” news I’ve read in a while. I’ll let one of the participants explain: Shadow Unit is, more or less, the website for a serial drama in internet form. Or possibly it’s a fan site for a TV show that doesn’t exist. Over the next couple of months, the site will be updated… Read more →

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