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More music from the archives…

It’s been a couple of months now since I finished the pre-move project of ripping all the CDs that hadn’t yet made it into digital form. I’ve been slowly cleaning up the metadata on them and moving them into the main collection, and then doing a lot of listening to things I haven’t listened to in ages. In celebration of… Read more →

Anything interesting happen today?

Well, how about this: I quit my job. Actually, that’s not strictly speaking true–last Thursday I gave my two weeks notice, and while I am technically employed (and getting paid) through the end of that period, today I was “released”. In corporate-speak this means: don’t come in any more–now that you’re not on the team, we don’t want you to… Read more →

Another major life moment

In addition to all that “moving to Ontario soon” drama outlined below, there’s a whole other life milestone that got passed today: my daughter went to school for the first time. We got up a little early this morning and had a pancake breakfast, and then we all went down to where Sarah would meet her school bus. She got… Read more →

The Sky

After having lived in Nova Scotia for eight years now, I take most things in stride. However, there’s one area in which I seem to have kept my beginner’s mind: appreciating the sky. The sky here never lets me down–at least not on the days you can actually see it. Several times a week I am literally stopped in my… Read more →

My moment of Zen

Instead of focusing on the imminent end of my vacation, I chose–very explicitly–to enjoy the day as completely as possible. This was made somewhat easy by the fact that this morning I was able to sleep in until I awoke naturally1, and then was able to stay in bed and spend an hour reading2 before I had to get up… Read more →

What I’ve been up to

As you might have guessed from my continuing absence, work has not slacked off yet. However, that’s not the only thing that’s been contributing–real life has also been hopping a bit. A short summary: Sunday night Trish and I took Sarah to a sleepover, and then went to dinner and a show. Or maybe “a gig” would be more accurate.… Read more →

Excuses, Excuses

Tonight’s planned hotel blogging will not be happening due to a much longer than intended commute time today. Americans, rest assured that your Border Protection officers are doing an excellent job of preventing Canadians from sneaking into your county without a thorough examination. Also, they are very friendly, very interested in the intricacies of software architecture, and very detail-oriented in… Read more →

Twelve Million…

It’s been a crazy week at work, which is eating a lot into my personal time, but I don’t really write about the job here. That being said, apparently going to the weekly poker game with a lot of repressed anger fills in nicely for the “killer instinct” my poker play is usually lacking–since I dodecupled up tonight. Since work… Read more →


This weekend marked both the 7th anniversary of my wedding to a woman who is much too good for me1, and the 10th anniversary of the day we “officially” started going out. Time flies. It seems like the five year mark was just a minute ago. According to traditional sources, the 7th wedding anniversary is marked with gifts of wool… Read more →

What You Need To Know

I have been insanely busy and travelling all week. This will continue tomorrow, hopefully reaching a peak so that things will mellow out a bit into the weekend. The remainder of this post is for the gentleman who, when challenged by me today asked me with a straight face “You don’t need proof that 1+1=2, do you?” For those of… Read more →

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