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Thought of the day

When we are surprised by a particular outcome or event, we should consciously acknowledge that there must be a gap between our perception and reality. A surprise should be a signal inviting us to realign our intuition and our thinking so that they conform to actuality. One of the life lessons that mathematical thinking offers us is that we should… Read more →

Golden Books 2: Mindplayers

A while back I wrote something about Steven Brust’s The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars–an entry discussing how it was one of those books that I read at the exactly correct time, and literally had the way I see the world changed (and to some extent shaped) by the experience of reading it. That experience is probably something that… Read more →

The Unholy Tab Closing

OK, my open tab situation has got to the point where I was forced to research new Firefox plugins. I might talk about that soon, since that old “favourite plugins” post is waaaay out of date, and due for an updating. Right now, though, I want to run through a bunch of these things, attaching short, and hopefully pithy, comments… Read more →

Keeping The Noggin Limber

OpenCulture has some interesting (and free) philosophy stuff to listen to. I love this kind of stuff, and it transforms time in the car alone from a chore1 into a chance to stretch your head. That’s always good. Back in the early days of my road tripping I used to work my way through The Teaching Company‘s gigantic courses–the first… Read more →

A Monday Night Gallimaufry

Let’s see if we can close some of the myriad tabs I’ve opened in the process of trying to catch up with everything that happened in the non-work world while I was off spending time at the Melbourne office: I’m quite impressed at the 16-year old (from the city where I did my university days) who managed to isolate plastic… Read more →

That’s The Problem.

I will have more to say about this when I’m not about to start a 24-hour flight around more than half the world, but I just want to nail down this quote from Clay Shirky talking about Iran/Twitter/etc: Absolutely. I’ve been saying this for a while — as a medium gets faster, it gets more emotional. We feel faster than… Read more →

My moment of Zen

Instead of focusing on the imminent end of my vacation, I chose–very explicitly–to enjoy the day as completely as possible. This was made somewhat easy by the fact that this morning I was able to sleep in until I awoke naturally1, and then was able to stay in bed and spend an hour reading2 before I had to get up… Read more →

Software Thinking

Most mornings I try to check out the interesting new links on the particular categories of Reddit that interest me. For the most part, I don’t bother with the comments–they are generally noise, not signal. However, the best computery thing I read last week, and possibly for a significantly longer window, showed up in one of those comment threads. And… Read more →

Spun Sugar, Time, and Perspective

My pal Gwenda has a discussion going over at her place about future desserts in fiction. I’m actually not that interested in future food, per se, but my interest was caught by a different statement of her about how she hates faux future shower technology. I don’t even disagree with that–I hate stuff that’s thrown in to give a patina… Read more →

Eight links make a post

And now, for another exciting post of links and short comments: I’ve always been aware of having been gifted with a pretty powerful attention span. I have always kind of assumed it came from becoming a reader at a very young age, but I guess it’s equally plausible that things are actually ordered the other way and my resistance to… Read more →

Today’s Brilliant Quote

Spotted on Jonathan Carroll’s blog today: “The secret of life,” said sculptor Henry Moore to poet Donald Hall, “is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for your whole life. And the most important thing is—it must be something you cannot possibly do.” Yes, I quite… Read more →

More Book-y Bits

Did you get a chance to experience the cognitive dissonance that comes from VanderMeerian words read in a high-toned children’s literature type voice? Speaking of VanderMeerian weirdness, there was a nice little slice of it over at Tor.com. Sometime soon (yes, Real Soon Now) I will write another golden book post, and this one will focus on a Pat Cadigan… Read more →

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