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If you wish to purchase something for me, or just to check out what I am currently wanting, you can check out one of my Amazon wish lists.

My primary lists are at and holds everything I currently want that can be ordered through them.

I keep these lists organized into four categories:

  1. The main list – This has everything that admits that you can order right now, except non-fiction books
  2. Non-fiction – This has all the non-fiction books that claims you can order right now
  3. Preorders – This has all the forthcoming materials I want, that you could theoretically order now, but that isn’t released yet
  4. Unavailable – This has all the things I want that Amazon lists as not currently available at all

There are also some items that are only available through the US site, so I have a list at as well for those items. (These are the items you will see appearing on the right hand navigation bar when you actually visit the site.)

Additionally, there are some items only available from the UK, and I keep a list at for those things.

I do try to keep the lists relatively accurate and up to date.

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