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The Great Eostre Mystery Hunt

As is an occasional tradition at our house, this year we did a “mystery hunt”, where I prepare a series of clues, each pointing to the location of the next. The final clue identifies the location of the prize. The ladies work together to decipher these clues and outsmart “Mr. E”. In order to complete this year’s hunt, some of… Read more →

First Time At A Wedding

In lieu of actual content, allow me to present my favourite of a whole pile of photographs of Sarah taken a couple of weekends ago at the wedding of one of my friends. It was Sarah’s first wedding. I note that the photo was taken by a member of the police force, on a camera normally used for crime scene… Read more →

The Official Announcement

OK, you’ve probably noticed that postings have been sparse around here for the last little while. There are a number of reasons, and I’ve been holding off talking about them until the ink was dry on the paperwork, but now we’re ready to “officially” announce a bunch of this stuff. First, I am pleased and delighted to announce that Dr.… Read more →

I shall call her Dr. Wife

Yes, I think the title captures the news from Friday: Trish is now a Doctor of Philosophy. (She was assured that as a newly minted PhD she gets up to six months of people having to forgive her for being asinine about the doctor title–booking plane tickets with it, etc. I don’t know if she’ll take advantage of that, or… Read more →

My Awesome Wife, Part 2

Having posted that, it occurs to me that I may still be projecting a picture that doesn’t show the entirety of Trish’s academic awesomeness. I am given to understand that most doctoral students have a very small number of publications, sometimes zero, during their doctoral programs–most are focused on their theses. Trish, on the other hand, has rather a lot… Read more →

My Awesome Wife, Part 1

My wife has a number of incredibly impressive qualities. Among other things she is smart, competitive, beautiful, organized, has a great smile, and has both enough good taste and enough insanity to have married me. I may not mention her sheet awesomeness much–but if so, that’s mostly for your benefit, and not because I don’t recognize it. But let me… Read more →


Man, AECL’s Chalk River Lab has really been going down the tubes since I left. Or really, ever since I completed my part in the three-generation tradition of my family working there.

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a good holiday, get to spend some time with your loved ones, to look back on the good parts of the year that’s ending, and find yourself filled with pleasant hopes for the one about to unfold. (I’ll go back to cynical and grumpy in a day or two, don’t worry.) Read more →

Christmas Spirit (sincere)

I should note that while I maintain a little bit of hipster irony about the whole Christmas thing (for instance, this made me laugh right out loud) there are some other people in my household who are completely into it. And, since I am completely unable to say no to them, I have found myself singing carols and taking part… Read more →

Recent Family Outings

In an attempt to somewhat balance the “what a terrible parent” image I presented earlier this week, here’s a short account of some of what we’ve done over the last couple of weekends. This past weekend featured a family trip to the movies to see one of the two HRM showings of the new(ish) Cirque de Soleil film, Delirium. Sarah… Read more →

Help With Trish’s Research

And now, you have a chance to help out with Trish’s research. I’ll use her words to explain: As most of us know and have experienced, sometimes painfully, sometimes to our benefit, the vast majority of software developers, and indeed these days the majority of professionals in general, work for a manager. Bad managers can frustrate us, decrease the quality… Read more →

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