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Song Of The Day

And a tip of the hat to my pal Ms. Kira for putting me onto this artist and this tune–I am unsure how I’ve managed to not hear of this guy before, but some money will be changing hands very shortly, I assure you. Yeah, I can add that to my “drinking songs”1 playlist along with Dave van Ronk’s Last… Read more →

Keep Hitting Play

I like to think of myself as pretty musically eclectic: it’s not so much that I like one category of music or another, but rather that I like the good stuff. Which leads to lots of pockets of music that appeal to me throughout the entire space of music. There are areas I’ve kind of shied away from for one… Read more →

More music from the archives…

It’s been a couple of months now since I finished the pre-move project of ripping all the CDs that hadn’t yet made it into digital form. I’ve been slowly cleaning up the metadata on them and moving them into the main collection, and then doing a lot of listening to things I haven’t listened to in ages. In celebration of… Read more →

Another Fine Free Thing

While I’m posting about lovely things what you can get from the InterTubes for free, I should also point out that the most recent issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is out and that it contains something of particular interest to me. See, as you probably know, I’m a fan of Peter Watts’ writing. And before the whole thing with the US… Read more →

Keeping The Noggin Limber

OpenCulture has some interesting (and free) philosophy stuff to listen to. I love this kind of stuff, and it transforms time in the car alone from a chore1 into a chance to stretch your head. That’s always good. Back in the early days of my road tripping I used to work my way through The Teaching Company‘s gigantic courses–the first… Read more →

Female Music

It’s been a little while since I did a music post, so let’s do a bigger than usual one, with nine tunes instead of my normal five. Tonight’s theme is pretty broad: music from some awesome female artists. I’m not going to try to narrow it more than that–it’s some good stuff, and hopefully there’ll be something that works for… Read more →

The Warrior’s Lament

Today I ordered a copy of Possibilities, an EP by Sierra Noble. I’d never heard of the ridiculously young Métis from Manitoba prior to today–which actually kind of surprises me–but as soon as I encountered her on the web today I knew I was going to buy the album. What I encountered today (indirectly, via Penguin Eggs) that made up… Read more →

The Blagger’s Guide, et. al.

I had almost 12 hours in the car yesterday, and for most of that time I listening to various things on my iPod. Obviously there was some music–you can’t road trip without music–but these days I spend a lot more time on non-music content. I finished listening to a kids’ book I had been listening to with my daughter1. I… Read more →

The Black Cab Sessions

Once again, along comes one of these things where my immediate reaction is “I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this already.” I’m talking this time about The Black Cab Sessions: musicians record a single track, in a single take, in the back of a black cab, and the results are then webcast to the world. As they put it… Read more →

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