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Song Of The Day

And a tip of the hat to my pal Ms. Kira for putting me onto this artist and this tune–I am unsure how I’ve managed to not hear of this guy before, but some money will be changing hands very shortly, I assure you. Yeah, I can add that to my “drinking songs”1 playlist along with Dave van Ronk’s Last… Read more →

More on Youtube, Russell, whackjobs

Following up on that earlier Russell finding on Youtube, I see that there’s a veritable treasure trove of Russell stuff on there. For instance, I quite like the little TVO presentation on the Three Passions Of Bertrand Russell, or getting to listen to Russell debate the existence of God with a Jesuit philosophy scholar1, or even seeing Walter Cronkite report… Read more →

The Warrior’s Lament

Today I ordered a copy of Possibilities, an EP by Sierra Noble. I’d never heard of the ridiculously young Métis from Manitoba prior to today–which actually kind of surprises me–but as soon as I encountered her on the web today I knew I was going to buy the album. What I encountered today (indirectly, via Penguin Eggs) that made up… Read more →

On bacon

I quite like bacon. Indeed, I occasionally require it, ideally in the form of the canonical club sandwich. You might think, then, that see a short, informative video on bacon would be something I would enjoy. As you might guess after watching that, “I enjoyed that” was not my immediate reaction. In fact, my immediate reaction was to Google the… Read more →

Closing tabs from last year

You know the drill. I’m skipping the stuff that deals with Bush, Harper, or books, which should get their own posts. I had a weird fascination with Cass Elliot for a while there, primarily as a reaction to how much I was digging her tune California Earthquake. There were some weird side effects of this, from the relatively obvious, like… Read more →

Lazy Post

Did you know I will be in Boston tomorrow and Tuesday? Did you know Amanda Palmer is playing at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston both of those nights? I’m just saying. She’s been doing videos on YouTube for the tracks from the recent album. Here’s the one that makes me smile the most: I love that it’s dedicated to… Read more →

A short break from politics

And now, a few observations about things completely unrelated to either North American election: That Wisdom book showed up today. Totally worth the money. It’s been a long time since I bought a “coffee table book”, but if I had a coffee table I’d be proud to leave this out on it. You know where I’m find more interesting reading… Read more →

Little Brother On YouTube

When I was playing with YouTube last night, in order to pull out the music for that wildly dissimilar mix, it occurred to me that essentially everything is on YouTube–a revelation that’s been brewing at least since I found Closet Land on there. So I decided to see if there was anything there featuring my brother. (See my retrospective post… Read more →

Friday Tunes

I’m in the mood to put up a mix, but it seems like going to the trouble of hosting MP3s and creating xspf files, etc, is just too much work. So, let’s use YouTube instead. It’s easier, and it offloads the bandwidth and copyright violation to someone else. Let’s start with a dedication to Sarah Palin and all her Red… Read more →

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