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Bertrand Russell related digressions

More on Youtube, Russell, whackjobs

Following up on that earlier Russell finding on Youtube, I see that there’s a veritable treasure trove of Russell stuff on there. For instance, I quite like the little TVO presentation on the Three Passions Of Bertrand Russell, or getting to listen to Russell debate the existence of God with a Jesuit philosophy scholar1, or even seeing Walter Cronkite report… Read more →

What You Need To Know

I have been insanely busy and travelling all week. This will continue tomorrow, hopefully reaching a peak so that things will mellow out a bit into the weekend. The remainder of this post is for the gentleman who, when challenged by me today asked me with a straight face “You don’t need proof that 1+1=2, do you?” For those of… Read more →

From Russell’s Autobiography

I am learning much about growing old. Thirty-five years ago I was lately married, childless, very happy, and beginning to taste the joys of success. Family appeared to me as an external power hampering to freedom: the world, to me, was a world of individual adventure. I wanted to think my own thoughts, find my own friends. … I felt… Read more →

Bertrand Russell Essays

For your edification tonight, I present three essays by old Bertie, in audio form. A couple of hours of listening that might expand your mind. (It’s not him doing the reading–his voice, which I may share with you later–was not nearly as appealing as this reader’s.) The essays are: What I Believe: This is the big one–Russell outlines what he… Read more →

The Why of asking why.

To make up for posting stuff from my “million words you write and bury under a tree” yesterday, I’m going to post some Russell today. Specifically, here’s Russell on why philosophy is worth studying: Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known… Read more →

In Praise Of Idleness

So, one of the things I told myself I would do in 2006 is spend a lot more time writing about Bertrand Russell [wikipedia], or rather about his works, on this blog. Russell, you may recall, is one of my biggest heroes, to the extent that there are multiple images of him around the house. Writing about Russell is going… Read more →

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