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Specific information about issues relating to this blog.

Fixing The Asides

Hey, did you notice the “aside” formatting is working again on that last post? You might remember my saying, way back when, that I had noticed that the upgrade to WP 2.8 had broken AsideShop, the plugin I used to do styling for my “aside” posts (Oh yeah, this is going to be some deep WP nerdery–run away!) and I… Read more →


Yes, I am aware that the asides are not currently rendering as asides. The upgrade to WordPress 2.8 broke the plugin I use to manage that, and I’m giving the author a little time to get it sorted before I toss out the plugin and do it myself. At some point these will look correct again, one way or another.


Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 was painless, save for the extended tagging plugin I use needing a bit of code tweaking (I’m sure there will be a new version along shortly with 2.7 support, but I was able to make it work for now anyway). Nice UI.


If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you probably haven’t noticed that Homo Sum now has “asides”–certain short posts that display differently from the larger more detailed posts.

At the moment they only display differently on the front page–not when you’re looking at them in single pages, or in any kind of archive, or from RSS.

These are implemented with the help of the AsideShop plugin for WordPress.

Excuses, Excuses

Tonight’s planned hotel blogging will not be happening due to a much longer than intended commute time today. Americans, rest assured that your Border Protection officers are doing an excellent job of preventing Canadians from sneaking into your county without a thorough examination. Also, they are very friendly, very interested in the intricacies of software architecture, and very detail-oriented in… Read more →

Everything is OK

Yes, we had a bit of a site outage today. All issues at the ISP: The web sites section of one of the hard drives on a shared hosting server is corrupted. We need to repair the files so that we can ensure your data is preserved. Estimated time is between 6-8 hours. Everything seems to be back to normal… Read more →

Gravatars & Identicons

You may have noticed a while back that I turned on gravatars for comments on the blog. What this means, in a nutshell, for those who aren’t already down is that if you have a “globally registered avatar” at, then your comments here will show the image beside the commentor name. (Assuming that you use an email address on… Read more →

Are the spammers finally giving up?

This site has gone from over 30,000 spam attempts a week to around 2,000 over the last month. The number that get through my multi-tier blocking system hasn’t changed–it’s still more-or-less zero–but I am wondering why the sudden drop. I’m not complaining, mind. I’m just worried that this pause signals a new wave about to start any minute now. Read more →

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