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I’ve had “ride the Orient Express, all the way, in style” on my bucket list since I was about 14. Apparently I will not get to cross it off. Trish and I looked at doing it the time we ended up rambling around Hungary, but ultimately deferred it. Now the chance has passed. (There is a once-a-year tourist version, but the idea of ponying up $20K US for 5 days seems a bit daunting to me–especially since I want the authentic scruffy and romantic experience, not the conspicuous consumption version.)

The end of an era

So, last night was likely my last time as a regular attendee of the Halifax Gentlemen’s Poker Association’s weekly meetings. Since I’ve been pretty consistent about attending these for several years now–I think the first one I went to was just before Sarah was born, as I recall making jokes about having to leave suddenly to rush to the hospital,… Read more →


One month from now I will be moving into the new house in Cambridge. The Halifax 31 day countdown is on.

CD Ripping: Done

I have finished1 the ridiculous project of ripping all my previously unripped CDs before the move. This has resulted in the addition of exactly 9175 new MP3 files to the collection–a bump of about 1/3 in the overall size. That seems like a lot. In celebration of that seemingly endless effort being completed allow me to present five tracks that… Read more →


Please, allow me to share with you a graphical representation of the most disappointing thing about my recent business trip to Australia. It occurred during my return trip through Heathrow, Terminal 3. This is the current map of Terminal 3: This is slightly different than my mental picture of what Terminal 3 looks like, which is apparently a good half… Read more →

The future’s not what it used to be

In catching up with my RSS reader, I see that everyone and his brother is pointing me to that CNN “where’s my jetpack” article. The article didn’t really interest me, but it does touch on some “man, the future of the past isn’t what it used to be thoughts” I’d been having at while at Disneyland–specifically, of course, while at… Read more →

Eight links make a post

And now, for another exciting post of links and short comments: I’ve always been aware of having been gifted with a pretty powerful attention span. I have always kind of assumed it came from becoming a reader at a very young age, but I guess it’s equally plausible that things are actually ordered the other way and my resistance to… Read more →


I expect lots of things from webcomics, but I don’t usually expect to be stopped utterly in my tracks by a one-off strip. Damn.

The Harlequin Is Out

Today, as my grandfather would say, the sadness is upon me. Let’s just say that my growing fear that McCain’s Big Lie tactics will work, combined with my stark and utter terror at the nearly inescapable certainty of a Harper majority, have made me miserable today. I’ve lost faith in my fellow man. Maybe I’ll be chipper tomorrow. Read more →


Sigh. I finally got around to reading the Edge of Reason last night. Despite the fact that lots of people on the Internets seem to think this was the wonderful book I was expecting, it just didn’t work for me. The plot was kind of interesting, but the rest of the craft just wasn’t there. The only review I could… Read more →

Memento mori

I had one of those shocking epiphanies today. I realized, seriously, completely, viscerally, that I am going to die someday. There was no hair-raising event, no near death experience, nothing dramatic. Just a realization that hit me during a very long drive, when I had some time to think about what it meant. Harlan Ellison is partly to blame. Obviously… Read more →

More Santayana

While that last piece was read at Santayana‘s death, I’m slightly more enamoured with a piece he wrote on the death of a friend, simply entitled “To W.P.“. It’s not too long, so you could go read the whole thing. Here are two bits that particularly resonate with parts of my personal philosophy: Another, if I would, I could not… Read more →

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