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The Great Eostre Mystery Hunt

As is an occasional tradition at our house, this year we did a “mystery hunt”, where I prepare a series of clues, each pointing to the location of the next. The final clue identifies the location of the prize. The ladies work together to decipher these clues and outsmart “Mr. E”. In order to complete this year’s hunt, some of… Read more →

Golden Books 2: Mindplayers

A while back I wrote something about Steven Brust’s The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars–an entry discussing how it was one of those books that I read at the exactly correct time, and literally had the way I see the world changed (and to some extent shaped) by the experience of reading it. That experience is probably something that… Read more →

A Man And His Pipe

I noticed today that I seem to have missed International Pipe Smoking Day a couple of weeks back. I had meant to observe it this year, as an excuse to use the pipe I acquired a few years back, that’s been sitting unused ever since… but I guess I’m just not a pipe type guy (or possibly just not a… Read more →

Birthday Present

Well, my big birthday present actually materialized today, so I guess I have to finally draw this year’s festivities to a close–I managed to stretch it out pretty well, but didn’t quite make it to a week. And what was that “big present” you may be asking–well, it’s the result of a collaboration between Dr. Wife and my best pal.… Read more →

Paperback Alley

I mentioned that I’ve started the process of unpacking my books in the new house. I began with the mass-market paperbacks, for a few reasons: they’re the smallest bit of the collection, so they present a relatively undaunting place to start The place where I wanted to put them was ready–unlike the room that will be the “main” library, which… Read more →


When Trish suggested the name Sarah for our kid, I was happy to go along. I had four reasons, two public ones and two ulterior ones. The public ones were liking the name and being amused at the notion of using a biblical name, especially one with the meaning “princess”. One ulterior motive was all about Thin Lizzy. One was about gypsies and Kali. Maybe some July I should take Sarah to Sainte Anne de Beaupre for the Romani gathering…

Religion, Geography, Scenery

I’ve spent some time thinking about religion today–primarily as part of working on my argument that Christmas as practiced in North America is essentially a secular holiday1, and thus something I can celebrate non-hypocritcally. So I was already primed to appreciate the new map at Lapham’s Quaterly (for the religion issue, which I hope will arrive here sometime soon since… Read more →


I shall very shortly have to get Ontario plates to replace the NS ones. I’m thinking it’s time for personalized plates. I have a couple of ideas for things that might be unused, but I should have some backups just in case. Suggestions?

Anything interesting happen today?

Well, how about this: I quit my job. Actually, that’s not strictly speaking true–last Thursday I gave my two weeks notice, and while I am technically employed (and getting paid) through the end of that period, today I was “released”. In corporate-speak this means: don’t come in any more–now that you’re not on the team, we don’t want you to… Read more →

Still Alive

Apologies for the lack of content over the last little while, and the last week particularly–the preparations for The Big Move have just destroyed whatever slim shards of free time I can normally wrest from my schedule. Since everything is now on the truck and on its way, and I’ll be spending the next three days doing a very gentle… Read more →

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