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Speaking of governmental douche baggery, don’t think that my lack of constant complaint about Harper and almost EVERY DECISION he makes means I’m not constantly enraged–I’m just deep in outrage fatigue at this point. Everywhere I turn there are utterly reprehensible decisions. Sending Canadian citizens to serve time in US prisons for things that aren’t crimes in Canada, refusing to do anything to help Canadian citizens threatened with death or torture in other countries, pushing terrible copyright legislation, pretty much everything about the G20 handling, indefensibly stupid action on the census (oh, and Tony, if one citizen’s complaints are enough to change government policy, well, I’ve got a LOOONG list for you), Lysenkoist interference with science, and… well the list goes on. Can we kick these bums out yet?

What, You Don’t Trust “Policing Services” Implicitly?

Canadians who are interested in the conditions under which it’s legal for private information and documents to be shared might want to take a good long look at Bill C-29. I’ll quote a bit from the legislative summary below, but in essence one of the things this bill says is that any documents/information the police (or anything that meets the… Read more →

Oh God, that would be awesome

If I’m translating this French news story correctly, then the BQ thinks they can get Harper charged with obstruction of justice, an offence that could carry a 10 year jail sentence. I’m not holding my breath, but I am crossing my fingers. Le Bloc québécois estime que le premier ministre Stephen Harper pourrait être passible de 10 ans de prison.… Read more →


Looking at politics here, and in our neighbour to the south, I am starting to think that there’s maybe something to the depressive realism proposition. I am too rage-fatigued to post about today’s particular stories, but as usual Ferocious J has it covered, saying what I would probably say if I had the energy left to rant.

Exceptional In Many Ways

What you’re looking at there are the results of the 2009 Global Peace Index. (The full ranking is available online, as are details of the methodology used.) Canada is #8, and for the third year running is “the most peaceful country in the North and Central America and Caribbean region”. That’s a kind of exceptional result, especially considering our neighbour,… Read more →

Peaks of rage

You know, if I posted every time Harper’s government took and action, or announced a policy direction, that I disagreed with or found repugnant, this blog would be one long bile-laden rant. So I mostly take the “ignore them and hope they go away” strategy, coupled with the occasional rant when something particularly ludicrous or vile happens. Here’s a couple… Read more →

Truth Is Out Of Style

Many disparate things have come together to activate deeply stored things in my brain. First there was a PvP strip that actually made me laugh. My immediate reaction was to adopt the name “Muppet Jesus” for my career as a hiphop artist. Secondly there is the constant reinforcement from the world of politics that there is no use for objective… Read more →


Wow, I hope this is accurate. I’m totally willing to trade for the chaos to get out from under.

Yes, I Am Enjoying This

A couple of times on the weekend I contemplated writing something about the proposed coalition. I’m kind of glad I didn’t, since things have moved at a much more rapid pace than I would have guessed possible. And besides, as usual, Patrick sums it up better than I could have. (As a bonus, the bit about Americans laughing derisively at… Read more →

Oh, Canada

I am so disappointed in you. Especially you Ontario, and you B.C. I had steeled myself for 134 seats, but this… this is horrible. OK, it’s not quite as bad as a majority, but this is still terrible. And if this voter turnout thing is true–that the right-winger got out a lot more of their voters than the other people–well,… Read more →

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