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What, You Don’t Trust “Policing Services” Implicitly?

Canadians who are interested in the conditions under which it’s legal for private information and documents to be shared might want to take a good long look at Bill C-29. I’ll quote a bit from the legislative summary below, but in essence one of the things this bill says is that any documents/information the police (or anything that meets the… Read more →

Must Also Be Seen To Be Done

I had thought that three of the things that were important ideas in Canadian jurisprudence were: 1) That citizens had a right to free speech, 2) that the government in all its forms has a prescribed amount of power, with well delineated limits on where that power stops, and 3) that it was very important for the justice system to… Read more →

Oh God, that would be awesome

If I’m translating this French news story correctly, then the BQ thinks they can get Harper charged with obstruction of justice, an offence that could carry a 10 year jail sentence. I’m not holding my breath, but I am crossing my fingers. Le Bloc québécois estime que le premier ministre Stephen Harper pourrait être passible de 10 ans de prison.… Read more →

Friday Night Links

Collected from here and there about the networks, for your amusement or edification, I would really like to believe the story of Denny & Peach is a vignette that accurately captures a bit of the wonder of the world. But even if it’s a fiction, it’s a lovely little one. Also, SWORD CANE! Same thing with this “big catch” story.… Read more →


so he starts to roam the streets at night
and he learns how to steal
and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto

More post-election blathering

So, low voter turnout has got people talking electoral reform again. Sadly this discussion seems to always focus on proportional representation. I say sadly because while I like the idea of every vote counting, I hate the idea of the parties deciding who sits in Parliament, not the voters. I haven’t yet seen a proposal for a system that lets… Read more →

Still More CAN-DMCA

In my continuing effort to remake this blog into the “all Canadian copyright, all the time” blog1, here are some links to the latest info: Since the legislation was introduced, there has been quite the protest surge. Michael Geist ran a five part series this week trying to outline real world scenarios that illustrate what kind of problems this legislation… Read more →

For the record

I received this response to my “Canadian DMCA” letter from my local MP today: Dear Mr. McLaren: Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about the new copyright legislation introduced by the Conservative government yesterday in the House of Commons. I certainly share many of your concerns and assure you they will be raised during discussions in… Read more →

It’s here

A quick update on the Canadian DMCA. You can read the text of the bill now. Reuters has an early write-up that you can read. Geist also has one, but good luck getting to his site right now. I’ll include one of his five “high level points”: The digital lock provisions are worse than the DMCA. Yes – worse. The… Read more →

Tomorrow is “Conservatives sell us to US companies” day

I know you’re tired of it, but I’m going to mention the Canadian DMCA again, since it’s been announced various places that Prentice will be tabling it tomorrow. There’s some coverage at the National Post, which while using neutral language manages to present the legislation as something harmful to consumers: The new Copyright Act has been updated to reflect the… Read more →

Canadians: Once More Unto the DMCA breach

By this point you know the drill. You might be interested in following up with one of the linked organizations, though. ——————————————— ORC News | June 3, 2008 | Issue 1.3 ——————————————— Write to your MP about the new copyright bill: http://www.onlinerights.ca/get_active/copyright_for_canadians/ Dear Online Rights Canada Supporter, We understand that the government will imminently introduce legislation to amend the Copyright… Read more →

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