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I like to eat. And drink.

A bit of extreme beer news

If you’ve paid attention to this blog over the years, you’ll have clued in to the fact that I quite like the occasional malted beverage, and that I strongly prefer the black, opaque ones to the ones I tend to disdainfully dismiss as “see-through beer”. I may also have mentioned over the years that I tend to prefer stouts in… Read more →

No Fear Of The Dreaded Two-Day-er

It’s weird–or maybe not so weird, really–but reading certain news items my reactions are almost entirely filtered through my years of training as a science fiction reader. Sometimes I read the story and suddenly see all kinds of comparisons between some real world event and things I’ve read–either direct connections, or analogies. Sometimes I read something and can’t help but… Read more →

I drink alone

Well, my plan to try out a couple of interesting beers each night for the six nights kind of fell apart. Primarily this was down to too many nights when my all-day meeting schedule ran over into evening activities. (For the record, the official count was 57 hours of scheduled meetings over 5 days, and that doesn’t include the social… Read more →

Julio and religion

A very full day of meetings today, ending with a relatively late working dinner, cut short my beer exploration time tonight. So I only had time to explore one small beer: Saint Bridget’s Porter from the Great Divide Brewing Company. While the bottle describes this as a “Robust Porter” I didn’t find it particularly overwhelming in terms of robustness. That… Read more →

…down by the schoolyard

As is my wont when attending days of endless meetings in the “Boston” office, I’ve made a trip to see Julio and stock up the fridge for an exploration of some interesting looking beers that I haven’t tried before. After today’s marathon meeting session I retired to the hotel and sampled my first selection: Mayflower Porter, from right here in… Read more →


I note with some interest that the winner of this year’s Canadian Brewing Awards in the Stout category is the St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from McAuslan. Not news to me. I’ll have to look into Hockley Valley Brewing, and that Imperial Stout from Grand River Brewing as well–more reasons to look forward to the Ontario move.


Apparently I missed the 250th anniversary of Guinness yesterday. There was a time that couldn’t have happened, since I would likely have been accidentally celebrating it on any given day anyway, but that time is receding into the distant past now. Hell, I used to have the stuff on tap in my house. When I do have a pint at a bar, I still go to Guinness when it’s the only stout, or the best of the available ones, but it’s not religious anymore and there are many better stouts out there.

On bacon

I quite like bacon. Indeed, I occasionally require it, ideally in the form of the canonical club sandwich. You might think, then, that see a short, informative video on bacon would be something I would enjoy. As you might guess after watching that, “I enjoyed that” was not my immediate reaction. In fact, my immediate reaction was to Google the… Read more →

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