My Awesome Wife, Part 2

Having posted that, it occurs to me that I may still be projecting a picture that doesn’t show the entirety of Trish’s academic awesomeness.

I am given to understand that most doctoral students have a very small number of publications, sometimes zero, during their doctoral programs–most are focused on their theses.

Trish, on the other hand, has rather a lot of them. I’d list them all here, but I’d seem to be bragging. Just bear in mind that all of these publications were completed at the same time she was shattering the previous time to thesis completion. She’s the queen of both self-discipline and of organization, I tell you.

There might be some nay-sayers among you who are thinking “well, the publications must not be that great, if she just whipped them out while working on her speed thesis”.

I can’t speak with personal authority on the quality of the papers, not being an academic, and certainly not one with any knowledge of the area. I can, however, note that journals typically pick a couple of their particularly good articles and make them available as advertisements of the quality of the journal. One assumes that the journal editors, in making this choice, are picking some of the best papers–the ones most likely to convince the academic world that the journal is worthy of subscription and attention.

With that in mind, I invite you to check out the information page on the Journal of Management History, where you will see a description of the journal, and links to two sample articles, in both HTML and PDF form. And look who the author of one of those articles is…

Yeah, OK, I admit it: I’m bragging.

And read the PDF version if you’re going to read one–I hate the file format too, but the output looks better than the HTML version in this case.

(There will be a part 3 of this series, documenting another ridiculous success of Trish’s in the academic world… as soon as the ink is dry on the contract.)

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