I’m Excited: Shadow Unit

Well, this is certainly the best “online entertainment” news I’ve read in a while.

Shadow Unit

I’ll let one of the participants explain:

Shadow Unit is, more or less, the website for a serial drama in internet form. Or possibly it’s a fan site for a TV show that doesn’t exist.

Over the next couple of months, the site will be updated on a weekly or biweekly basis with new information, vignettes, character sketches, character bios, a community message board, and other exciting things.

And starting in mid-February, there will be a series of novellas and novellettes, and one complete novel. Approximately one story every two weeks for sixteen weeks (though we are still tweaking the schedule), comprising the first season (of hopefully many) of a television show that doesn’t exist.

And who are the authors behind this? Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Sarah Monette1, and Elizabeth Bear (and some intimations that there may be more). You’ve seen me mention Will and Emma quite a few times here, and I’m also a fan of the other two–in fact, in a bit of synchronicity, I was just reading Dust last night.

Well, given that I like the works of all four authors, it seems like a pretty good bet to be a fun thing to follow, and even subscribe to.

Hell, Will and Emma have a history of working on impressive shared world projects, having been the editors of the Liavek series, and been heavily involved in the Borderlands series, and what’s this if not a shared world for the internet age?

Oh, and if you do a little digging around…

  1. Incidentally, Monette’s reviews of Due South, on her LJ, are some of the best bits of critical television writing I’ve read in ages. And I’m not just saying that because of my mancrush on Paul Gross–that didn’t start until Slings And Arrows. It’s my wife who likes the Mountie.(back)

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