Day: January 8, 2008

Can Not Process Data

You know those hoary old SF stories where the hero defeats the robot/intelligent energy matrix/computer/whatever by giving it information that can not be logically processed–isn’t “Is the following statement true? ‘This statement is false.’” the classic one?–and thus causing the super-powerful processing of the robot/intelligent energy matrix/computer/whatever to burn out, usually accompanied by a nice visual of electrical explosions? Well,… Read more →

I’m Excited: Shadow Unit

Well, this is certainly the best “online entertainment” news I’ve read in a while. I’ll let one of the participants explain: Shadow Unit is, more or less, the website for a serial drama in internet form. Or possibly it’s a fan site for a TV show that doesn’t exist. Over the next couple of months, the site will be updated… Read more →

Here We Go Again

Yup. It’s around the world again. Same route, same distance, slightly longer stay this time. I checked it out this time, the straight-line distances between the airports are (I put the imperial numbers in for the Yanks, in the parentheses): Outbound Halifax – London (Heathrow) : 4589km (2852) London (Heathrow) – Hong Kong : 9653km (5998) Hong Kong – Melbourne:… Read more →

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