Month: February 2008

Frii Time

Not a ton of time for blogging tonight, due to the little birthday present1 I bought for myself: a Wii with some accessories and a couple of games. This is the first console I’ve ever owned. From childhood, when I visited friends to play Atari or Intellivision (I did eventually get a Vic 20, which was most emphatically not a… Read more →


Two months ago I had never heard of Nemi. I had no idea that she was apparently known all over Europe, and especially a hit with her Norwegian countrymen, and across the UK. And then I was browsing through Previews looking for stuff to order at my local comic shop1, and I saw a solicitation for the first book collecting… Read more →

Monday Misc. Music

To help me get through another annoying Monday, I have composed a short playlist of five songs that I like, which bear no relationship to each other whatsoever. Additionally, I am reasonably certain that anyone reading this will most likely not have heard any of these songs, and I can state with some certainty that no one reading this will… Read more →

Learning Google Gadgets

I decided tonight to learn how to write a Google gadget. I figured something simple, like a configurable RSS feed reader (with a little shiny chrome) would probably be enough to learn the skeleton of what I would need to know. So I whipped up a gadget for the Shadow Unit feed, since I’m still chewing over the first episode… Read more →

I mean it: Go read this.

You may recall my mention earlier of how excited I was at the announcement of Shadow Unit? Well, the “first episode” is now live on the site, and I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to go and check it out. If you’re a book person, think of this as a free new Emma Bull story for you to… Read more →

If I can find chestnuts…

It appears that I failed to get tickets to the Savour Food & Wine show before it sold out. Consequently, it appears I will not be getting to taste: Slow roasted pork ribs with mango salsa, Buttermilk stilton biscuit with roasted duck and mini doughnuts with warm mocha chocolate Shaved Smoked BBQ Brisket on Rosemary Crouton with Grainy Mustard Aioli… Read more →

Musings In Advance

When I turned 20, I was one of the youngest of my group of friends. I had watched them all make a big deal out of it, and I laughed. 20 was no problem. When i turned 30, I was one of the youngest of my group of friends., although I had made a number of friends who were substantially… Read more →

Linkblogging in a storm

Might as well linkblog–can’t dance. I don’t know whether to be amused or disheartened about the whole “25% of Brits think Winston Churchill is fictional” thing. On the one hand, it’s pretty funny. On the other hand, what does it say about the education system that this result is even possible. On still a third hand, it’s not like North… Read more →

What I’m Chewing On Today

Own only what you can always carry with you; know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag. —Alexander Solzhenitsyn So I can’t claim not to have stuff… but I can certainly claim to understand that the things that matter are people and stories. It doesn’t hurt to remind myself from time to time, though. There… Read more →

Russell, Gaby, and the H-Bomb

That’s a portrait of Bertrand Russell, taken by the relatively famous quebecois photographer and portrait specialist, Gabriel Desmarais (who usually went by just “Gaby“). The portrait was taken at Russell’s place in Wales (“Plas Penrhyn”) in 1961, which would probably mean Russell is 89 in the photo. It is one of a series of photomontages Gaby prepared with portraits of… Read more →

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