Day: February 11, 2008

Russell, Gaby, and the H-Bomb

That’s a portrait of Bertrand Russell, taken by the relatively famous quebecois photographer and portrait specialist, Gabriel Desmarais (who usually went by just “Gaby“). The portrait was taken at Russell’s place in Wales (“Plas Penrhyn”) in 1961, which would probably mean Russell is 89 in the photo. It is one of a series of photomontages Gaby prepared with portraits of… Read more →

Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

I love garlic. A lot. Like, an unsociable amount. Hell, I stole one of Brust‘s laws of cooking: “If it doesn’t have garlic, it better be dessert!” So I love it every time scientists find another way garlic does amazing things to protect your health. I’d eat it anyway, of course. Here’s this week’s example: from Garlic combats arsenic poisoning… Read more →

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