Month: June 2007

A Wednesday Miscellany

For some reason I’ve been on a things-in-space-with-cool-pictures kick this week, so why stop now? Here’s a picture of the aurora australis, as seen from Antarctica: That’s one of two images from a post at Canadian hard-SF author Peter Watts‘ blog. Read the post for a higher resolution version, another picture, and a very disturbing mental image. Of course there… Read more →

I expected nothing less

This tiny blog cliche via the R-rated Justine and just-as-risque-as-me Gwenda. The words used to determine this rating CRACK ME UP. For the record they are: “dead”, “drugs”, “death”, “sex”, and “dangerous”. Running the rating routine on various monthly archives of this site generates wildly varying results. Apparently I am remarkably inconsistent in my usage of the “adult” keywords. Heh. Read more →

The great paperback giveaway, part 2

More boxes of books repacked, with similar results: Same rules as last time (and some of those are still available for another week as well). Whatever is not claimed by mid-July will go some other way. I’m leaning toward donating them to the hospital library at this point. Post your requests, don’t email me–that way I won’t forget what you… Read more →

Professor Membrane On: A Dead Supernova

“It’s time to move on, son! Real science… try it!” It’d dead. Dead, I tell you. Bad Astronomy drew my attention to the Eta Carinae stuff at Harvard’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory site. The Chandra site says this: Eta Carinae is a mysterious, extremely bright and unstable star located a mere stone’s throw – astronomically speaking – from Earth at a… Read more →

I never thought I’d see this in the National Post

For non-Canadians, here’s just a little bit of context about our “also ran” national newspaper, in the form of a few quotes from from the Wikipedia article on it: The Post was founded in 1998 by Conrad Black to combat what he believed was an “over-liberalizing” of editorial policy in Canadian newspapers Its editorial page featured the opinions of well-known… Read more →

Graph says it all

Note the time window there: that’s 20 years, not hundreds. (The information & content at the parent site, the Corporate Accountability Project, has a pretty high sensible-to-crazy ratio1 so you owuld be well served by having a browse around it. In particular I recommend the How to Overthrow Corporate Rule in 5 Not-so-easy Steps page. The fifth step there is… Read more →


This is the first Father’s Day when my (2-year old) daughter understood the concept of the day. She gave me a present she made herself. I try to keep most of my “I am the sappy Dad” stuff off this blog, but I’ve got to tell you that having Sarah so excited to give me a Father’s Day present was… Read more →

We are living in the future

OK, first the good bit: Right now, today, I can order a programmable T-shirt. (Link from Fred). Sure, it’s only one-colour, and simple stuff right now, but the step from “no programmable clothes” to “simple programmable clothes” is a lot bigger than the step from “simple programmable clothes” to “tricked out programmable clothes”. I can’t stop thinking about this. I… Read more →

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