Day: October 29, 2004

Lots of stairs there too

Every now and then I get email from friends who are in far off corners of the world, and I try to take a moment and recognize how amazing some of the things that we of the Net generation take for granted actually are. My high school friend Shawn, who among other things helped me develop theories about the Holy… Read more →

Lots of stairs…

So, what’s that image in the header all about? Well, as I have mentioned previously, we did a couple of weeks in Hungary last year, with lots of it spent in Budapest. One of the many architecturally amazing things in that city is the Basilica of St. Istvan (Istvan, pronounced “Isht-van”, is the Hungarian analog of Steven). I’m fiercly areligious,… Read more →

“Is there anything more dangerous than an ideologue who doesn’t know he’s wrong?”

So, one the people who I apparently should have known about before this year, but who I didn’t was Seymour Hersh. I’ve been reading all the articles of his that I can since he broke open the Abu Ghraib thing in Atlantic montly, and I intend to buy his new book at my next opportunity. If anything this almost curmudgeonly… Read more →

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