Day: October 31, 2004

More on comment spam

Well, apparently I have been attacked by someone who has put comments into the system with a post id referencing a post that doesn’t exist yet. As soon as the post appears, the comment also appears. Clever. So far I’ve done several things to stop this: 1) enabled built in keyword auto-moderation–if the post contains any of the keywords, the… Read more →

Pan’s people

And now, for something completely non-electoral: The Guardian is running what is nominally a review of the new Tartarus Books collection of Arthur Machen stories, but which is actually much more a history of Machen. If you’re into 19th century weird fiction, or you’ve heard of Machen’s “The Great God Pan” (or perhaps especially if you haven’t) you should check… Read more →

A few more election links

If you’re reading this you probably should also read (or already have read) Hunter Thompson’s take on the election and George Soros’ last minute comments/plea. Both are messages that the American people need to understand. How sad is it that Thompson’s gonzo delivery will have more success at reaching people than Soros’ calm, well thought-out piece. Read more →

Comment spam already?

So far I’m only writing this blog to learn WordPress, so I can use it to implement a blog for a friend. I admit that, to my surprise, I am enjoying the process, and am now toying with the idea of actually doing this for real. So far, though, I haven’t told anyone about this, except Alex and Sean. And… Read more →

Good election news

In the midst of all my Bush-hating, and worry about this election (and I know many other Canadians who are literally giving themselves ulcers over this–I can’t imagine how progressives in the US have any stomach left at all) it’s nice to get some good news. This is from a report (yanked from an email sent in to Josh at… Read more →

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