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Explainers In The Mainstream.

Hey, remember back in June when I wrote a bit about how much I was digging The Explainers? Well, it appears the mainstream media has caught up with me1. The Sunday Book Review in the New York Times reviewed the book this weekend. It was the cover review. Here’s an excerpt: Of course, representing any Feiffer strip with a quick… Read more →

Lapham’s Quarterly, Again

I have previously mentioned how thrilled I am with Lewis Lapham‘s current project: Lapham’s Quarterly. The current issue, which focuses on education, is a fine and marvellous read. Actually, the cost of the issue is more than justified just by the introductory essay. Lapham is on fire. Here’s a little bit: Why would any politician in his or her right… Read more →


“I always thought that inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” That’s one of many, many tidbits to be found at the site for Andrew Zuckerman’s new book, Wisdom. Go there. Watch the clip. Then see if you can resist the urge to buy the book.

I can not afford some Art.

I have survived the day of endless meetings. As soon as the last evening meeting ended, I hauled ass down the road to the bookstore to unwind with some browsing before it closed. I made some weird purchases that I suspect I might not have made if I weren’t dazed and confused from the meeting marathon. Case in point: I’m… Read more →

T-shirts from futures past

After four years of wearing only solid colour1 t-shirts for everyday wear–primarily a habit I developed during my daughter’s infancy, as between her and I several shirts a day were suffering various stains, and I wanted cheap, “hot swappable” clothing–I am starting to pick up a few new interesting printed shirts. (Yes, I have lots of “not a t-shirt” clothing,… Read more →

Chris Jordan On TED

I’m still loving almost every one of the TED Talks, but every now and then one pops up and really grabs me by the collar. Here’s the one that really hit me this week. This is a presentation by photographer Chris Jordan, where he presents some of the images from his exhibition, Running The Numbers. (At the link you can… Read more →

Bookish Bits: Vance Integral

That’s Jack Vance over there. I’m a fan. I’m enough of a fan that I wanted to sign up for the Vance Integral Edition when they were taking subscriptions. It played into my two compulsions: collecting all the good writing, and collecting fine or rare editions of the good writing. At that time I didn’t have the money sitting around.… Read more →

A Humument

I was recently in a discussion of books as art object. Usually when I’m in a conversation like that it’s about fine limited editions, but this time it was about books that are works of art in a more conventional sense. I cited the Codex Seraphinianus, and the person I was talking to cited A Humument. I admit I was… Read more →

Monday Miscellany

It’s really a miscellany today. I was half-tempted to title this 88 lines about 44 links, and maybe even do it in some kind of poetic structure, but fortunately a combination of laziness and good sense prevailed. Nice to see that former local (and HGPA-member) Brian O’Malley‘s movie deal is actually happening–at least leads are being cast and a start… Read more →

New Danny Michel: Preorders Open Tomorrow

Here’s the press release: PRESS RELEASE – MARCH 05/08 DANNY MICHEL GOES BACK TO HIS ROOTS WITH HIS 1st INDEPENDENT RELEASE SINCE 2001 Taking the reigns firmly into his own hands, a new reenergized Danny Michel is proud to announce “Feather, Fur & Fin”, his first 100% independent release since 2001. Sprinkled with tubas, full horn-sections, glockenspiel, harmonicas, synthesizers &… Read more →

No Practical Value

You know what I want, that is ridiculously expensive, and that I can in no way practically justify, but which I still have a serious hankering for? A sword cane. At least twice a week for the last couple of months, I’ve spent some time looking at the photos at the Burger Knives sword cane pages–especially the titanium “Stilletto” model.… Read more →

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