Chris Jordan On TED

I’m still loving almost every one of the TED Talks, but every now and then one pops up and really grabs me by the collar.

Here’s the one that really hit me this week.

This is a presentation by photographer Chris Jordan, where he presents some of the images from his exhibition, Running The Numbers. (At the link you can see more detail on the pieces presented, as well as see the rest of the pieces that make up the series.)

The images are attempts, I think, to make some of the real consequences of our existence, and the way we live, more viscerally real for people. The images themselves can be stunning, both in their immediate visual impact and in the understanding and connection they help bring to abstract notions that aren’t normally “real” for us. (If you’re not shocked by the “one day’s worth of our cups” image for example…)

Even more than the individual images, though, what grabbed me was the last part of the presentation, where Jordan clearly speaks from the heart about what it is he’s trying to do.

In addition to the rest of this exhibition, Jordan’s site has two other exhibitions, and is worth the time.

I don’t have a wall big enough to display the pieces (well, not a free one), but I couldn’t afford prints anyway–not at that size, in an edition of six, sold through galleries!. I will however certainly be buying his DVD and possibly one of the posters.

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