Month: September 2006

Thursday morning linkage

What was I saying about misusing the power of education? Man would I have done poorly at that school. This is a computer-generated image. I would have been fooled. Is there a Turing test equivalent for this kind of thing? The idea of Statler & Waldorf doing a Siskel and Ebert routine is pretty solid gold. Somehow they manage to… Read more →

Stop the continent, I want off.

Only 28% of Americans believe in evolution (and two-thirds of these believe evolution was “guided by God”). 53% are actually creationists. 80% of Americans expect to be called before God on Judgment Day to answer for their sins. 90% believe in heaven. 77% rate their chances of going to heaven as “excellent” or “good.” 83% of Americans believe that Jesus… Read more →

Bookish links of the day

Rick Kleffel has really been burning it up over at The Agony Column. There’s been some really top quality stuff there over the last couple of days, including: A lengthy interview with Naomi Novik1 (mp3), A lengthy interview with Charles Stross2 (mp3), and a review of the why-isn’t-it-here-yet new Tim Powers novella. Martha Wells has started online serialization of her… Read more →

Sunday Night

On Sunday night I was invited to join the aforementioned comic creators, the people from Strange Adventures who had worked the booth, and Toronto comic scene Svengali Christopher Butcher, for dinner at the Economy Shoe Shop. Much fun was had by all, and after we had all eaten (and drank) on Cal‘s tab, several of us ended up visiting a… Read more →

Sunday Afternoon

That’s the stack of books I took to the Word On The Street on Sunday to have signed, sketched, remarqued, or whatever the creators felt like doing. (Yes, I am that guy.) All the creators seemed friendly, and interested, and were in good moods. I was particularly impressed with how well several of them interacted with the younger children. I… Read more →


What you are looking at there is the cover of Lacunal: Volume 1, the just-announced-today first book of photography by my evil genius pal Alex Wilson. If you click through, you will get a chance to find out more about the project, to sample some images from the book, and if you are interested, to buy a copy. The book… Read more →

The Disappeared

So, after literally years of denying it, Bush finally admits that there were secret prisons, and that they are being shut down with the 14 people left in them transferred to Gitmo. The AP has a slightly different story, with 14,000 people in the U.S. remote gulags. In the few short years since the first shackled Afghan shuffled off to… Read more →

Teetering On The Precipice

In something between one and two generations we’ve gone from the single income family being the standard to the two income family. You might think this would result in an increase in average family financial security. It’s not true. You might also think that the fact that this isn’t true is because of overspending and consumption on the part of… Read more →

A few words about headlines.

My evil genius pal Alex points out this headline. It took me an embarrassingly long moment to realize just how funny it was, but then it clicked and I realized the thing was worthy of Fletch. The Daily Mail has a headline that’s just as funny, but for different reasons. (Be warned: the page linked to there includes a picture… Read more →

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