Month: July 2006

I, Roadie

I have survived my little temporary excursion into the rock-and-roll world, and I really enjoyed myself. Stories later, once I’ve cleared up the work that piled up while I was off playing roadie. The really short version is that I had tremendous fun, but I suspect that a significant part of the reason I could enjoy myself was because I… Read more →

Y.A.L.: 100 Science Fiction Books

Phobos Entertainment – Features – 100 Science Fiction Books So just how does one find stellar SF? For starters, why don’t you try out these 100 narrative works. Each one should be part of every SF reader’s—not to mention every SF writer’s—repertoire. Many of these novels are award winners, and most have inspired profound trends in science fiction. Well, it’s… Read more →

Hidden sequitors

Today’s almost random browsing brings about this series of connections, which links the capital of Venezuela to the highest ranking American killed in World War II, to fact that the act of making a mint julep with creme de menthe can be considered an abomination. Read more →

Keeping It Real

Seeing the review of Keeping It Real pop up on Strange Horizons yesterday reminded me that I wanted to say something about the book. Somehow I managed to avoid any notice that this book was forthcoming, despite my relatively recent interest in Robson, and was somewhat shocked to find out that it was already out (in the UK) before I… Read more →

Monday Miscellany…

Yeah, work is still killing me, so I’m phoning it in. Still, it’s a bargain at the price. Today’s reason to be annoyed with Fortress Amerika1: U.S. Government Increasingly Blocking Entry at the Border Because of Ideology Fifty NFB films free on the web. The whole Cat Came Back thing was giving me flashbacks to my childhood, but at fortunately… Read more →

A good week for books…

It’s been a good week for books here at the Ranch. I’ve had lovely new books from Subterranean Press arrive Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (plus a copy of the new issue of Subterranean’s magazine today). I had a SHOCKING SURPRISE arrival from another source (more below) early in the week. Read more →

RFID Guardian

You know, I would totally buy a tool that would show me information about all the RFID tokens in my “area of influence”, and allow me to block (or, perhaps more interestingly, spoof) selected ones. It would cater to both my urge to hack things, and my tinfoil hat paranoia. You know, if more and more stores move to using… Read more →

Spam solution working…

Well, since I made the changes to my anti-spam shields, I have been averaging 15-20 spams a day that get trapped by Spam Karma, which is a pretty tremendous improvement from the previous 400+ per day. In those 4 days Bad Behaviour has blocked around 400 activities, which means everything is working like it’s supposed to: those 400 activities would… Read more →

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