Day: September 29, 2005

I guess we need a happy after that

From The Panda’s Thumb The Intelligent Designer’s Prayer Our Intelligent Designer, Who art in the unspecified-good-place, Unknown be Thy name. Thy flagella spin, Thy mousetraps snap, On Earth, as it is in the Unspecified-good-place. Give us each day our unchecked apologetic. And forgive us our invidious comparisons, As we smite those iniquitous Darwinists With rhetoric. And lead us not into… Read more →

Oh good: depressing and cynical

So, I’m happy about old Tom, but let’s do a quick pass over some other news: * * * Colorado parents burn books – Wikinews Norwood, Colorado parents recently burned copies of Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima after having them pulled from the area high school’s curriculum. Millie Davis, of the National Council of Teachers of English, said “I’m flabbergasted… Read more →

Insert your own “bringing the Hammer down” joke

It is unreasonable how much of an optimistic lift this has given me: U.S. house majority leader DeLay indicted, steps down temporarily – Wikinews U.S House of Representatives majority leader Tom DeLay was indicted today by a Travis County Texas grand jury on conspiracy charges. DeLay announced that he will step down temporarily from his leadership position. … The Wikinews… Read more →

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