Month: August 2005

Stagger On, Weary Titan

There was a fascinating piece in the Guardian earlier this week, which was brought to my attention by one of my Evil Genius pals. (I’m linking the title below to Common Dreams, since they sometimes keep things accessible in the long term better than the source papers): Stagger On, Weary Titan The US is reeling, like imperial Britain after the… Read more →

Baby Blog Week: Last One

Quoting now from an email Trish sent me this morning, after Sarah went to her one year doctor’s appointment: Sarah had her one-year appointment this morning. I don’t have the exact measurements with me, but she’s 90th percentile for height, 75th for weight, and well over 100th for head circumference. She had three needles, each of which got progressively more… Read more →

How I Spent My Friday Night

So, we had another poker tournament at “the Drake” this Friday. I was quite excited since this would be the premiere of my custom Cthulhu chips, which had just arrived on Thursday. Here’s a shot of my new chips (which, like all the images in this post, is a link to a larger image): <Insert your own “gambling with your… Read more →

Silly Talk about Philosophy

In response to a thread where scientists discuss silly things that non-scientists have said to them, a similar thread has sprung up where philosophers have the same kind of discusstion. Reading through this really amused me, especially the places where the “public” (which might be best read as “non-academic” but also including “non-amateur philosophers”) perception of the field interacts with… Read more →

Bring it on Danielle

My favourite post in the blogosphere today. Here’s a little bit for you: You, dear mechanic, proceeded to tell me that the knock sensor was wearing out, and needed to be replaced, to the tune of $250. I immediately called BULLSHIT on that, and asked you to check my extended warranty. When you told me that my extended warranty didn’t… Read more →

If he’s right it will radically alter my marriage…

Everyone should be checking out the Long Bets web site, a portal designed to deal with predictions that stretch significantly into the future. You can vote on the predictions, discuss them, or challenge the predictor to actually bet on their prediction. There are some very interesting things being discussed here, and everyone with a science fiction bent will find something… Read more →

Speaking back to Power

You know, now that I’m a parent I think I’m supposed to be changing my attitudes about the appropriate response to Authority. Happily, that doesn’t seem to be happening, and I still seem to think that the more Authority is asserted, the more the correct response becomes mockery. (Here’s my intellectual pretension for the day: Thomas More once wrote, “The… Read more →

United States Homeland Security network monitors suspicious activity

Man, so many things to say about this item in today’s Wikinews. Instead of trying to write something clear and sensible (I’ve slept about 5 hours since Monday) I’m just going to pull quotes from the article and comment on them. “The secret network is a component of the HSIN, which is the primary conduit for DHS to share information… Read more →

Car Mix July 2005

The fact that my car is awesomely set up for listening to my (apparently discontinued) portable MP3 player (on which I may post more later) means that 99% of the time when I am driving I am not making use of my car stereo as anything other than a way to route sound to my speakers. Since I mostly drive… Read more →

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