Day: September 26, 2005

Even More On Evolution

The Reuters story on the PA (here it is at Yahoo) case contains these depressing facts. New evolution spat in U.S. schools goes to court At least 31 states are taking steps to teach alternatives to evolution. A CBS poll last November found 65 percent of Americans favor teaching creationism as well as evolution while 37 percent want creationism taught… Read more →

Expanding My Vocabulary

I love the idea of concepts that other languages posses words for, which my native language does not. The kinds of things you can express in a language tells you something about the way native speakers of that language see the world–this can reveal concepts to you that you previously literally could not think about (or at least not think… Read more →

Darwin has a posse

OK, I can’t believe I’m writing about this stuff again (put “evolution” in the search box and you’ll get lots of other posts with related rants), and we’re still in the 21st century. Why do so many people just want to throw their hands up and give up on trying to understand the world… ‘Intelligent design’ taken to court Eighty… Read more →

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