Narrow focus, broad focus

My favourite paragraph about post-Katrina reconstruction on the internets today comes from author John Scalzi:

Bush wants to spend $200 billion to rebuild the South, which is good in theory, but I expect his administration to do a good job at the effort about as much as I expect my cat to whip up a light and tasty souffle. Word has reached my far province that Karl Rove will be in charge of the reconstruction, which I find as appalling as can possibly be, since it just about assures that everything related to the rebuilding will be turned into an exercise in ideological fealty to the administration. Which means that my cat-fashioned souffle is actually more likely than this reconstruction being done in any way other than the most petty and political way possible.

My favourite thing today, though, in a more general and less focussed sense, is this post from talented comic book writer (among other things) Matt Fraction.

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