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Sunday Night Gallimaufry

You know the drill, this is the miscellaneous tab closing ceremony. Since I’m tired of politics today, there will be none in this list. I have had several discussions about this recent article on a particular form of elective surgery. All that I can conclude from these discussions is that I have different aesthetic than many of the people I’ve… Read more →

Early Saturday Morning Gallimaufry

And, time to close a few more tabs… It’s lovely that the Internet can bring me an interactive beer and food matching guide. Sadly, it uses a different algorithm than I do–resulting in far more matches with “see through” beer than my scheme would generate. Speaking of beer, I love the idea of beer haiku. My favourite so far: You… Read more →

Books, Cheese, and Beer

As you can probably tell, my access to the Internet has been spotty this week (and will continue so for a few more days). However, I’ve stolen a minute now to mention that yesterday was the day of Books, Cheese, and Beer. Details to follow when things return to normal, probably along with some commentary on a couple of tourist… Read more →

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