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Sunday night quick book links

As I write this I am watching the Australian movies made from Shane Maloney’s books about Murray Whelan. You may remember that those books were some of the big successes from my first Australian trip, and that I even mentioned the movies when I wrote that stuff up. Well, my usual online sources didn’t make the movies available, but just… Read more →

In Passing: Vlado’s

I had no connectivity at the hotel last night, have been working full-on all day today, and am shortly going to head out for my (apparently) annual trip to Vlado’s. Since I start heading back home tomorrow, I’ll also have to pack tonight, so the odds are good that even if the Internet connectivity problem is sorted, I won’t have… Read more →

So far, so good

So, I did manage to travel half-way around the world between Friday and Sunday, popping in on London and Honk Kong before settling down in Melbourne. My days have been pretty work-focused so far: Monday I essentially worked all day, returned to the hotel ate dinner, and was asleep before 9. Yesterday (Tuesday) I worked all day, then went down… Read more →

Here We Go Again

Yup. It’s around the world again. Same route, same distance, slightly longer stay this time. I checked it out this time, the straight-line distances between the airports are (I put the imperial numbers in for the Yanks, in the parentheses): Outbound Halifax – London (Heathrow) : 4589km (2852) London (Heathrow) – Hong Kong : 9653km (5998) Hong Kong – Melbourne:… Read more →

Book-hunting in Melbourne

I have been meaning for a while to write about the fruits of my book-buying excursion while in Melbourne. In some ways it was a much less fruitful day than I had been hoping, partly because I was feeling a bit delicate on the day I did the rounds of the bookstores–it was my birthday, and I was feeling delicate… Read more →

Food Porn From Melbourne

I’m going to interrupt the sight-seeing with some food porn from down under. I went out Wednesday with Rick, my new boss, for dinner at Pearl, a restaurant more-or-less across the street from the office. And wow, was that some good eating. Easily in the top five meals I’ve had. Here’s quotes from a review: “Awarded three hats in the… Read more →

Maroondah Reservoir

After seeing the animals yesterday, I spent some time at the Maroondah Reservoir park. It’s a lovely area, and you can climb up to the top of the dam to look out over the Maroondah Reservoir, which provides a lot of the water for Melbourne. It’s very apparent looking at the state of the reservoid, from atop the dam, that… Read more →


I made it. Total travel time from my door to the hotel door, approximately 60 hours. All of which I was awake for. So after this heroic journey, I rolled into the hotel, caught a shower and a change of clothes, and then went and worked a full day at the office. I am a steely-eyed missle man. (Apparently the… Read more →

Not an auspicious beginning.

The bad: The plane meant to take me from Halifax to London apparently had some serious mechanical problems with the brakes, and they’re bringing a new plane in. The worse: This means the flight will be delayed at least three hours (I.e. they are now saying 2AM instead of 11PM.) The even worse: This means I will miss my connection… Read more →

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