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Normally you’d expect to visit an article titled 15 Ugliest Products Ever in order to have a bit of a drive-by laugh at what some people think is tasteful or interesting or whatever. Ugly is a subjective judgement, after all, but you do expect to be able to pretty well mock anything that someone is willing to put up as one of the ugliest things ever

You don’t expect to find yourself thinking “Hey, that’s actually pretty cool”. At least I didn’t. And yet…

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really hideous things there but… well, I have to admit that were I a single guy I might have found the “Surrealism Chair” a pretty amusing thing to stick in the corner of the apartment. It would never be allowed now, even if I tried to justify it as a conversation piece. I could use it as a springboard for conversations about surrealism, dada, Andre Breton, Dali, Lisa Goldstein, and even my theories about guerrilla improvement of the life of random strangers through the workings of the Conspiracy of Benevolent Surrealists.

Surrealism Chair

I suspect though that I could negotiate placement of one of the chandelier stickers in the house somewhere–not in any of the rooms we entertain in, or the casual guests would be in, but maybe somewhere else. They’d make a lovely compliment to the Family Values poster that was consigned to the garage, for example.

Chandelier Sticker

The rest of the things, I have to admit, are pretty damn ugly.

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