A Few Quick Words on Soundtracks.

I require another 72 hours between now and Tuesday morning, please. Baring that, let me make a very quick post and get back to the salt mines.

On the weekend I had a chance to watch All Hat, the adaptation of Brad Smith‘s “modern day Ontario western“. I generally like Smith, and I liked the book, so I figured it was worth a shot. It was a decent flick, and a decent adaptation of the book (perhaps because the novelist was also the screenwriter), but it was nothing earth-shattering–although the casting for Sonny was bang on.

I was however, completely stunned at one point, to hear a Danny Michel tune on the soundtrack–and amused to see that particular tune being used as part of a stripper’s set.

I shouldn’t have been that surprised–the movie was stunningly Canadian in parts1 so why not a Canadian artist on the soundtrack. And Danny’s done that before. I know I’ve heard his stuff in other shows recently, like Wierdsville for example, and despite IMDB’s lack of information I know there have been a couple of others. Hell, he’s had music in beer commercials during the SuperBowl.

Still, it surprised me.

It’ll be something to talk about this weekend when he’s here for a couple of gigs.

Also on the subject of soundtracks, I’ve been working tonight while listening to one, and it may be a problem.

When I was a teen, a friend of mine got himself a shady tape of the (never released on CD) soundtrack of The Shining. I borrowed it a couple of times, to listen to before sleep. It always scared the piss out of me.

I remember trying a couple of times in the early 90s to track down a copy for myself, and failing miserably.

Well, for some reason that long forgotten failed quest popped into my head tonight.

And you know, things are really different now than they were in the early 90s. Now getting a digital copy of almost any “rarity” is the matter of a few moments. The very idea of a rarity doesn’t make sense in a digital world, you know?

Of course we’re still talking about a “shady” copy, but hey, at least there’s an excuse when there is no legit version to buy.

So, long story short, I’ve been slaving away at the compiler while listening to the soundtrack of The Shining. It’s still as creepy as hell. Trish came in to talk to me about an issue at one point, and threatened to walk out unless I turned it off.

And at some point, after a couple of more hours of this work stuff, I’m going to have to try to get to sleep, with my mind exhausted, but my imagination still overactive…


  1. Gary Farmer and Graham Greene? Why not just throw in Adam Beach and go for the trifecta?(back)

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