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There are things I miss, but not enough to pay the price for having them.

“The Old Man Dreams”

Oh for one hour of youthful joy!
Give back my twentieth spring!
I’d rather laugh, a bright-haired boy,
Than reign, a gray-beard king.

Off with the spoils of wrinkled age!
Away with Learning’s crown!
Tear out life’s Wisdom-written page,
And dash its trophies down!

One moment let my life-blood stream
From boyhood’s fount of flame!
Give me one giddy, reeling dream
Of life all love and fame!

My listening angel heard the prayer,
And, calmly smiling, said,
“If I but touch thy silvered hair,
Thy hasty wish hath sped.

“But is there nothing in thy track
To bid thee fondly stay,
While the swift seasons hurry back
To find the wished-for day?”

“Ah, truest soul of womankind!
Without thee what were life?
One bliss I cannot leave behind:
I’ll take–my-precious-wife!”

The angel took a sapphire pen
And wrote in rainbow dew,
The man would be a boy again,
And be a husband, too!

“And is there nothing yet unsaid,
Before the change appears?
Remember, all their gifts have fled
With those dissolving years.”

“Why, yes;” for memory would recall
My fond paternal joys;
“I could not bear to leave them all –
I’ll take–my-girl-and-boys.”

The smiling angel dropped his pen, –
“Why, this will never do;
The man would be a boy again,
And be a father, too!”

And so I laughed,–my laughter woke
The household with its noise, –
And wrote my dream, when morning broke,
To please the gray-haired boys.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

If only he had worked in baldness rather than “gray” hair, it’d be a direct hit. With the hair stuff in though, I guess the Deacon’s Masterpiece gets to keep the title.

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