Month: August 2007

Expose yourself to hours of great ideas

So, do you know TED? Not some dude named Ted; it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Let me quote them on what it’s about: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. The annual conference now brings together the… Read more →

Gay Politicians

Let’s play a short game of “…meanwhile in Canada”, to pick up my mood. The latest round of Republican scandals in the United States seem to be pretty gay-focused. (To see a wrap-up of the full list of recent Republican scandals see TPM. For the video wrap-up, see today’s TPMTV.) I am referring, of course, to the recent scandals involving… Read more →

Secret Histories

Sometimes knowing the secret behind-the-scenes story makes things much cooler. Sometimes the story just destroys something. Take, for instance the works of Leonard Cohen. I remember how finding out that Chelsea Hotel was about Janis Joplin made it even better–and it was already a song I quite liked. On the other hand, take what used to be my favourite Leonard… Read more →

Thursday Night Bookish Links

Some bookish links: Have you read Vernor Vinge‘s True Names? If you haven’t then “for shame”. According to the Wikipedia entry “It was one of the earliest stories to present a fully fleshed-out concept of cyberspace, which would later be central to stories in the cyberpunk genre. Because of this, it is often referenced as a seminal work of the… Read more →

SF Writers Say Smart Things: Stross On Religion

Here’s the rub: reincarnation is a load of rubbish. There’s a slight problem of there being a striking lack of supporting evidence for it. Yeah, that’s my favourite bit of Stross’ recent essay about how the media, and society in general, seems to abdicate responsibility for critical analysis in the face of religion. Here’s another bit: The knee-jerk instinct to… Read more →

Like A Flash

Somehow three years have gone by in a flash. Sarah Kathleen McLaren is three years old today, and what a day it was. Someday I’ll find some free time and update her photo blog, so that far away family and friends can see some of the festivities, but right now I am totally and completely exhausted. And old. She’s pretty… Read more →

A Weekend Miscellany

(You may not think it’s the weekend, but since I have Friday and Monday off, and my late night meeting with Australians is done, I am now into my weekend.) OK, let’s talk unexpected interpretations in cover tunes. Sarah Nixey covers Human League‘s Black Hit Of Space [via jwz]. Petra Haden covers Journey‘s Don’t Stop Believin’ [via Scalzi]. Ophelia Blitz… Read more →

This is for Mike Drake

But, of course, the rest of you are welcome to be amused by it. You can go buy Gorilla, the first Bonzo Dog album, right now. This track is from that, although it’s also on about six other “best of” collections. (This post inspired in part by Gwenda pointing to this list of noir quotes.) Read more →

Gospel Of The Knife

Another thing that happened while I was underwater at work was the release of Will Shetterly‘s new book The Gospel Of The Knife. It looks like this: (I hope that the cover catches some of the many Dan Brown readers, exposing them to some good writing and also making Will a ton of money.) The book is a sequel to… Read more →

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