As promised…

…some photos.

They wound is very minor, but the pictures are a bit on the gross side, so I’m not using thumbnails.

First, here’s how it looks professionally dressed by the hospital staff: hospital_dessing.jpg

The first closeup, while a little blurry (I suck with the one-handed macro lens), clearly shows the depth of the cut, right through the thumb, and through the nail: thumb1.jpg

The second closeup is even blurrier, but shows you the dead tissue flap that is sewed on until the flesh is sloughed off:thumb2.jpg

The third blurry closeup shows the stitching of the tissue flap onto the live part of the digit. Check out that rightmost stitch–it’s sewn really far down compared to the cut: thumb3.jpg

The last closeup is from the back again, showing the loose ends of the stitching–a tailor would be ashamed: thumb4.jpg

And, of course, the tool of destruction–not normally dangerous unless you are both clumsy and possessed of mighty strength: implementofdestruction.jpg

6 Responses to “As promised…”

  1. Alex says:

    Wow, I was expecting a big cleaver. You did manage to do quite a nasty job with that thing.

    Tanya managed to cut her finger on some glass at work about two weeks ago, but you got her’s beat, no contest.

  2. Gwenda says:

    Ewwww. Y’know, I have a far less impressive little numb spot on one of my thumbs that I managed with a cheese slicer once.

  3. George says:

    The worst I did was clip off some of my fingernail into the onions I was dicing at the pub I worked at while preparing the superbowl chilli one year. Had I not been pissed about having to work on a Sunday, I probably would have thrown away the diced onion containing the bit of fingernail that I couldn’t find.

  4. George says:

    Last night I told my mother-in-law about your incident. She was about to use one of the dreaded cheese slicers on some butter to provide a uniform topping for some dish she was preparing. I have to say that she was much more paranoid than she would otherwise have been.

    So, how about some update photos?

  5. Mr. McLaren says:

    The thumb is much better now, 4 weeks later.

    The dome that was subtended by the cut crusted up and peeled off several times, but the skin underneath was actually alive, not necrotic, which was good.

    The peeling also ran the other way, with the skin “below” the cut also peeling back.

    Once I cut off the section of fingernail that had been almost sliced off in the incident, things went pretty smoothly.

    At this point there’s a relatively small cap of numb skin, that still tends to harden and peel off, along with a visible scar line. And a large part of the thumb is kind of peeled, like a sunburn.

    Here’s the photo:


  6. […] with complete feeling and completely movement–I wish I had had some of that dust around when I cut the end off my thumb, since while it did heal it has no sensation at […]

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