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An eclectic bit of bookery

It’s been a while since I closed the various “book stuff” tabs, so let’s take a run through those, shall we? I came to this by the Lord Dunsany connection, but I don’t think you need to be on that page at all to enjoy H. E. Gowers’ HASCHISCH HALLUCINATIONS, posted over at the blog of master-designer-and-artist-of-the-eldritch John Coulthart. I’ve… Read more →

“Man is a substance clad in shadows”

Many things these days contribute to my lack of sleep–social activity, parent scheduling, social evenings in different cities, my stubborn refusal to go to sleep when I should, time spent playing with the world through this Internet thing, and–of course–things I start to read when I should go to bed that I just-can’t-put-down. Sometimes you can see this coming, so… Read more →

Shadow Unit & Cool Web Tools

You may recall that I’ve strongly encouraged people reading this to check out the Shadow Unit project on several previous occasions. Well, the first “season” of Shadow Unit has been over for a while now, I want to take a few minutes to re-encourage you to check it out. The work got stronger throughout the season–in an amusing parallel with… Read more →

Gospel Of The Knife

Another thing that happened while I was underwater at work was the release of Will Shetterly‘s new book The Gospel Of The Knife. It looks like this: (I hope that the cover catches some of the many Dan Brown readers, exposing them to some good writing and also making Will a ton of money.) The book is a sequel to… Read more →

A Tuesday bookish miscellany

If you’ve read either his debut novel Elantris, or his sophomore effort Mistborn, you will definitely be interested in Brandon Sanderson’s website, since it includes detailed annotations for both books, along with a blog and lots of other stuff including info and exceprts from forthcoming works. Here’s a link to a recent essay on why authors would prefer you to… Read more →

SF Authors (and editors) saying more smart things…

We’ll grab a couple of them today: Will Shetterly talking about Mormon underwear: Here’s one way to tell a faith from a racket: If it makes you think you’re better than everyone else, it’s a racket, not a faith. I kind of love that. It’s the answer to all the “One True Religion” and “Chose People of X” things that… Read more →

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