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Software Thinking

Most mornings I try to check out the interesting new links on the particular categories of Reddit that interest me. For the most part, I don’t bother with the comments–they are generally noise, not signal. However, the best computery thing I read last week, and possibly for a significantly longer window, showed up in one of those comment threads. And… Read more →

Thursday Night Gallimaufry

And once again, we have my quick opinions on a variety of things I’ve run into in the last little while. I am fascinated with the mystery of what WalMart might be doing in their giant, mysterious data center. I’m guess that it might be related to “lowering prices every day”, but doing so by means that your average consumer… Read more →

A few geeky bits

OK, let’s do one of those patented link posts to clean out some of these open tabs… Let’s start with Mario. As far as programming goes, I’m a kernel guy–an engine guy. I don’t do UI, and trust me, you’re happy I don’t. I make it work under the covers. As such, I often deride and disparage the hard (and… Read more →

Learning Google Gadgets

I decided tonight to learn how to write a Google gadget. I figured something simple, like a configurable RSS feed reader (with a little shiny chrome) would probably be enough to learn the skeleton of what I would need to know. So I whipped up a gadget for the Shadow Unit feed, since I’m still chewing over the first episode… Read more →

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