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The Great Eostre Mystery Hunt

As is an occasional tradition at our house, this year we did a “mystery hunt”, where I prepare a series of clues, each pointing to the location of the next. The final clue identifies the location of the prize. The ladies work together to decipher these clues and outsmart “Mr. E”. In order to complete this year’s hunt, some of… Read more →

The Unholy Tab Closing

OK, my open tab situation has got to the point where I was forced to research new Firefox plugins. I might talk about that soon, since that old “favourite plugins” post is waaaay out of date, and due for an updating. Right now, though, I want to run through a bunch of these things, attaching short, and hopefully pithy, comments… Read more →

Monday Night Miscellany

Like real-time strategy games? Like science fiction? How about a real-time strategy game where you (and your units) can time travel. Imagine sending future units back to fight alongside themselves against an enemy in the past… you thought keeping track of your units and tech tree was a headache, wait for the fourth dimension. Maybe before you get too interested… Read more →


No blogging tonight. I got distracted. In fact, I think probably not even enough sleep.


This weekend marked both the 7th anniversary of my wedding to a woman who is much too good for me1, and the 10th anniversary of the day we “officially” started going out. Time flies. It seems like the five year mark was just a minute ago. According to traditional sources, the 7th wedding anniversary is marked with gifts of wool… Read more →

A few geeky bits

OK, let’s do one of those patented link posts to clean out some of these open tabs… Let’s start with Mario. As far as programming goes, I’m a kernel guy–an engine guy. I don’t do UI, and trust me, you’re happy I don’t. I make it work under the covers. As such, I often deride and disparage the hard (and… Read more →

Frii Time

Not a ton of time for blogging tonight, due to the little birthday present1 I bought for myself: a Wii with some accessories and a couple of games. This is the first console I’ve ever owned. From childhood, when I visited friends to play Atari or Intellivision (I did eventually get a Vic 20, which was most emphatically not a… Read more →

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