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You can see it everywhere you look: people just ain’t no good

Hmm… A study by the Ponemon Institute found that more than 59 percent of those surveyed kept corporate data after leaving their jobs. The survey, which was sponsored by Symantec, included responses from 945 adult employees who had lost or left a job in 2008. The most commonly stolen pieces of information were e-mail lists and non-financial business information, taken… Read more →

I must be getting old

…because when I read an article with a throughline that’s essentially “Students lie, cheat, and steal a lot more than they used to, and still think they are good people, but it’s OK because there’s so much more stress on them, and anyway it’s not their fault but rather society’s” my reaction is essentially “Oh, phui!”. Everyone thinks they have… Read more →

An ethical question

Who is more ethically advanced: a person who has a larger set of things for which they will kill, or for which they will die? And do you put yourself in the more advanced bucket? I know that the question can be rendered silly by what you put in the sets, but I’m talking in very general terms and I’m… Read more →

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