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I like Art

I also the The Arts. Of course I’m an elitist liberal scum, but this just gives me one more reason to despise Stephen Harper. I could rant, but let’s let George at BookNinja do it instead, since he’s so good at it: First, he tried to set up arts and culture producers, from dance companies to music groups to writers… Read more →

I can not afford some Art.

I have survived the day of endless meetings. As soon as the last evening meeting ended, I hauled ass down the road to the bookstore to unwind with some browsing before it closed. I made some weird purchases that I suspect I might not have made if I weren’t dazed and confused from the meeting marathon. Case in point: I’m… Read more →

Indie Artist, multiple media

My pal Danny Michel just whipped up a homemade video for the track “Tell Sally” from his latest album. Check it out. Apparently the budget for making this video was… $9.00. I love living in the age of digital media. Speaking of making art with digital toys, Danny has also made the all the raw tracks from his latest album… Read more →

Limits Of Human Ability

Because I have a young daughter, I spend some time every week looking at various clips of dancers on YouTube, for her entertainment. I’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff, but today I saw one that is hands down the most amazing thing. It’s a performance at the Circus Festival of Monaco, by two dancers, Wu Zhengdan and Wei Baohua from… Read more →

Chris Jordan On TED

I’m still loving almost every one of the TED Talks, but every now and then one pops up and really grabs me by the collar. Here’s the one that really hit me this week. This is a presentation by photographer Chris Jordan, where he presents some of the images from his exhibition, Running The Numbers. (At the link you can… Read more →

Sentences to meditate on

Jonathan Carroll‘s never-emptying cornucopia of awesome brings us this quote today: I live near the abyss. I hope to stay. —Theodore Roethke Yes, I quite like that. A little bit Nietzsche, a little bit Billy Joel. It, at least to me, says something about an artistic way to live. Actually, and this is probably sharing too much, this brings to… Read more →


This is the bitchy, badly-kept secret of American culture, which everyone knows but we’re supposed to be too polite to mention in public (and anyone who really thinks that obviously doesn’t know much about Americans): wherever there’s money to be made, that’s where “culture” will go. Because there is no culture in America, not really. There is only media, and… Read more →

Ions played instead of notes

This is how things happen: First, author Sarah Monette mentions a LiveJournal that posts a poem every Monday. I follow this link and make a note to come back later and look for poets I am not familiar with. And as I start looking over the list the first thing that grabs me is a post of Thylias Moss’s poem… Read more →

A Humument

I was recently in a discussion of books as art object. Usually when I’m in a conversation like that it’s about fine limited editions, but this time it was about books that are works of art in a more conventional sense. I cited the Codex Seraphinianus, and the person I was talking to cited A Humument. I admit I was… Read more →

A throne is a throne…

You know, the Pope-throne in the Vatican press room, or wherever it is, reminds me of something… (photo source) Oh yeah, I know what it is. It reminds me of the stage at the No Rest For The Wicked concert I saw in Milan. (As an aside, I know I shouldn’t be shocked at hypocrisy here, but doesn’t seeing that… Read more →

An inscription in the sand

In any event, the point is that unforeseeable circumstances that call into question an existing understanding of life, function to progress and move humanity forward. They prevent the rigidity of custom and tradition by forcing outdated modes of thought to be discarded in favour of those that more accurately represent the times. In this way, those moments of critical insight… Read more →

Portraiture and Literature

Got a little time to spend crawling around on the web? Allow me to recommend that you use some of it to check out the archives at Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s clobberin’ time!!! You might ask “what the hell is that”? Well, in the site’s own words: This website, now in its ninth incarnation since being launched in 06.1998, is… Read more →

Russell, Gaby, and the H-Bomb

That’s a portrait of Bertrand Russell, taken by the relatively famous quebecois photographer and portrait specialist, Gabriel Desmarais (who usually went by just “Gaby“). The portrait was taken at Russell’s place in Wales (“Plas Penrhyn”) in 1961, which would probably mean Russell is 89 in the photo. It is one of a series of photomontages Gaby prepared with portraits of… Read more →

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