Emilio Morenatti

One kind of photographer that always particularly impresses me is one who can capture pieces of the world and use them to take me to a place I’ve never been or show me a bit of just how different parts of the world are from the part I know–and how the same in some ways.

After spending a lot of time today looking at a gallery of 58 images from the past couple of years by photographer Emilio Morenatti, I have to conclude that he is one such.

Here’s his quick bio from the gallery:

Emilio Morenatti began his career in Spain covering both national and international events. In 2003, he traveled to Afghanistan as a correspondent to cover the war and the fall of the Taliban for the Associated Press. He was sent to the Middle East to cover the conflict for the AP in 2005. In 2006, while covering the conflict in Gaza City, he was kidnapped by gunmen before being released unharmed a day later. He is currently based in Pakistan and covers Central Asia for the Associated Press. He was named 2008 Newspaper Photographer of the Year by Pictures of the Year International.

Here’s two to catch your interest, but really, go view the gallery.

Pakistani Shi'ite flagellants

Tibetan Monk in Kathmandu

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