Punks and Parker

For some reason, reading that story about the 84 year old grandpa laying out the punks who tried to rob him makes me think of this panel from Darwyn Cooke‘s version of The Spirit:

Punks jump up...

Speaking of Darwyn, his first adaptation of Richard Stark‘s1 Parker stories is coming out soon. I was already pretty jazzed about it, just from the mental pictures I had of how it would look, but the fact that there’s a preview online that shows just how great it will look has upped the jazz level. (I wonder if Darwyn will be at the FCBD thing tomorrow…)

I’m also pretty happy with the reissues of the Parker books that the University of Chicago are doing. The first six already out, and three more on the books already. I wonder if they’ll do them all–it would be nice to have a uniform edition.

  1. a.k.a. the recently deceased Donald E. Westlake(back)

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