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It’s just vanishingly possible I’ve mentioned my appreciation for Scott Morse‘s art on the blog in the past. Given that I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that he’s doing a crazy online comic called The Shogunaut, which he’s been updating regularly. He’s up to 25 pages as I type this, and will likelly complete it soon. It’s kind of a Jack Kirby-meets-Maurice-Noble thing–perhaps not for most people, but if it’s the kind of thing you like, it’s really the kind of thing you’ll like.

More Book-y Bits

Did you get a chance to experience the cognitive dissonance that comes from VanderMeerian words read in a high-toned children’s literature type voice? Speaking of VanderMeerian weirdness, there was a nice little slice of it over at Tor.com. Sometime soon (yes, Real Soon Now) I will write another golden book post, and this one will focus on a Pat Cadigan… Read more →

Have some art

Man, I like Scott Morse‘s work. I have mentioned that I have several pieces of his original art in the house. The stuff I have hanging, though, are Morse’s black and white ink style work (I have some originals of some of his more recent stuff not yet framed). Here’s one of his recent colour pieces. If I could find… Read more →

Lazy Sunday Links

So, last night we had a ridiculously out of season snowstorm, which dropped almost a foot of snow on us over night. Yes, I am writing this on Easter weekend. Yes, it is April. And yet still I saw this when I looked out the window this morning: The one upside of this is that I got to go out… Read more →


Normally I’m not a Converse fan. My taste in footwear these days runs to Blundstones, with summer forays into Doc Marten sandals. I am, however, quite the fan of artist and comic creator Scott Morse. I think I have everything he’s done (excepting work on corporate properties) on my shelf, not to mention several pages of original art. And now… Read more →

Latest acquisition

If you’ve been following the “Hanging Around The House” posts, you have a pretty good sense of what kind of stuff decorates the walls around here. New stuff is coming in at a slow, but constant rate–indeed at the moment I have a small Barry Windsor-Smith print, and a larger Tom Canty print off at the framers–but typically has to… Read more →

Long Weekend Miscellany

Note for non-Canadians: Monday is one of our most important holidays. Hence “long weekend”. I don’t know how much time I will have to blog this weekend, but I can certainly present a miscellaneous set of things to keep you happy all weekend just in case. This will be a tremendously long post about various, mostly unrelated, things. So, on… Read more →

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